About SJB Research

SJB Research is a business information specialist that provides in-depth information and educational resources for senior executives and technical specialists looking to build next-generation solutions that meet the needs of today’s contactless world.

We consult for international clients, organise events, publish research reports and market studies and produce NFCW, the leading industry news website for near field communication and associated contactless technologies.

SJB Research is run by Sarah Clark and is based in Machynlleth, Wales.

Meet the executive team…

Sarah Clark

Sarah Clark

Sarah Clark is the publisher of NFCW. She is a technology business analyst who has been tracking and reporting on the business implications of new payments, retail, mobile and marketing technologies for more than 30 years.

Sarah is the author of many research reports including NFC Business Models, NFC Technologies and Systems and NFC: The Road to Commercial Deployment.

Sarah researched and wrote the world’s first research report on smart cards in 1986 and started Card Technology Today, which quickly became the leading smart card industry newsletter, in 1989.

She launched the world’s first research report and journal covering biometrics — The Biometrics Report and Biometric Technology Today — in 1993 and began publishing the first journal dedicated to loyalty marketing, Customer Loyalty Today, in 1994. Sarah has been tracking and investigating the potential of NFC and allied technologies since 2007.

Mike Clark

Mike Clark

Mike Clark is responsible for SJB’s publishing platforms and technical infrastructure.

Mike’s background takes in video games programming, B2B and consumer marketing and public relations, newspaper editorial operations, subscription marketing, web development — and even penning ministerial briefing notes.

Mike and Sarah Clark are a husband-and-wife team, and have worked together since 1991.