Research and data

SJB Research produces high quality research reports on near field communication (NFC) technology, systems and markets. Many hundreds of hours of research and writing go into each report, but each one costs less than a day’s time with a consultant.

That’s because our reports our designed to be read by a wide audience so that the high cost of production can be underwritten by multiple clients each making a relatively small contribution. In this way we are able to give you substantial data and expertise that you can put to work in your business right away — for just a fraction of the cost of doing the work yourself or hiring a consultant.

The Mobile Wallet Report

The Mobile Wallet Report is a subscription-based business intelligence service that saves you time as you plan your mobile wallet offering by delivering you the distilled results of hundreds of hours of research, interviews and analysis each year. A weekly market briefing written in plain, clear English makes sure that you are always on top of the hot issues and the latest thinking in mobile wallets worldwide.

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The NFC Market 2012

Cover of The NFC Market 2012This research report sets out the current state of play in the international NFC market and identifies the barriers to success and opportunities for growth in the year ahead. Published January 2012.

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NFC Business Models

Cover of NFC Business ModelsThis research report sets out the tasks involved in creating a commercially successful NFC infrastructure and provides readers with the latest thinking in terms of both the strategies available and the most likely routes to success. Published December 2010.

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NFC Technologies and Systems

Cover of NFC Technologies and SystemsThis research report explains every aspect of NFC technology in plain, clear language and gives even the most non-technical executive the knowledge needed to make informed business decisions. Published April 2012.

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NFC: The Road to Commercial Deployment

This research report examines and maps out the road ahead for NFC-based services around the world. Inside you’ll find the latest thinking on what it takes to launch a successful NFC service, what business models are most likely to succeed and who stands to profit most from NFC. Published January 2010.

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The NFC Report

This is our flagship research product; it comprises multiple smaller reports and is designed to be a complete A-Z of NFC technology, applications, business models and markets.

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