Get the insight needed to understand how NFC technology works — and how to unlock its commercial potential

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At first glance, near field communication (NFC) sounds straightforward — simply add a credit card to a mobile device and let consumers begin paying for things with their phones.

When it comes to putting together a business case for NFC, however, things are far less simple. It quickly becomes clear that the business potential of NFC is tightly bound up with the technical options available — and that an in-depth understanding of how NFC works, at the device level and as a system, is required to understand exactly what those options are.

NFC Technologies and Systems is a new research report that explains every aspect of NFC technology.

You’ll learn how NFC phones work, why multiple service providers can safely share space on a single secure element, what types of back office system are required and how NFC security works both in theory and in practice.

You will also discover the technical decisions that impact most on the costs, returns and viability of an NFC project — and what the options are for maximising your return on investment.

No technical background in mobile communications, contactless cards or NFC is required to make the most of this report.

All the technical terms and industry jargon are explained in plain, clear language — even the most non-technical executive will gain the knowledge needed to make informed business decisions about this fast-emerging technology.

The author of NFC Technologies and Systems is Sarah Clark, editor of NFC World and a technology analyst with more than twenty years experience. For this report Sarah conducted numerous face-to-face and telephone interviews with leading technical experts, trawled through technical specifications and standards and then distilled the knowledge gained into a single document that sets out clearly and simply how NFC works, what the issues are and the choices you can make.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. The three modes of NFC devices
      1. Read/write mode
        1. Collect a coupon
        2. Obtain information
        3. Check in to a location
        4. Purchase a product or sign up for a service
        5. Initiate an action
        6. Initiate multiple actions
        7. Create dependent actions
        8. Personalise an actions
        9. Read a contactless card
      2. Peer-to-peer mode
        1. Social networking
        2. Device and equipment pairing
        3. P2P payments
      3. Card emulation mode
        1. Payments
        2. Tickets and passes
        3. Identity
        4. Keys and credentials
    2. The building blocks of NFC
      1. NFC phones and other devices
      2. NFC tags
      3. NFC terminals
      4. NFC reader/writers
      5. The secure element
      6. The mobile wallet
      7. NFC applications
      8. NFC platforms
      9. The TSM
      10. The NFC infrastructure
    3. Creating value with NFC
  2. NFC pairing and sharing
    1. NFC tags
      1. The four NFC Forum tag types
      2. Emerging tag types
        1. Cheaper production technologies
        2. New tag formats
        3. Non-standard chips
        4. Dynamic tags
    2. Writing to NFC tags and cards
      1. NFC tag data formats
        1. The NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) specification
        2. The NFC Record Type Definition (RTD) specification
        3. The URI Record Type Definition specification
        4. The Text Record Type Definition specification
        5. The Generic Control Record Type Definition specification
        6. The Smart Poster Record Type Definition specification
        7. The Signature Record Type Definition specification
    3. Peer-to-peer mode
      1. The Logical Link Control Protocol (LLCP)
      2. The Connection Handover Protocol (CHP)
      3. The Simple NDEF Exchange Protocol (SNEP)
    4. Sharing and pairing apps
      1. The JSR257 Contactless Communications API
      2. Smartphone Apps
  3. The secure element
    1. What can be stored in a secure element?
    2. How secure elements keep sensitive data secure
    3. Secure element certification
    4. The SIM as secure element
      1. The three parties on an NFC SIM
        1. The mobile network operator
        2. The Confidential Key Loading Authority
        3. The Supplementary Security Domain (SSD) owners
      2. Types of Supplementary Security Domain owners
        1. Mobile network operators
        2. Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs)
        3. Third parties
        4. Service providers
      3. Creating a supplementary security domain
        1. Fully preloaded SSDs
        2. SSDs created partially over-the-air
        3. SSDs created fully over-the-air
        4. SSD creation modes
          1. Simple Mode
          2. Delegated Mode
          3. Authorised Mode
      4. Distributing the keys to the new domain
        1. SSD created and assigned at the factory
        2. SSD created at factory but not assigned
        3. SSD created over the air
    5. Embedded secure elements
    6. External secure elements
    7. Trusted execution environments (TEEs)
  4. NFC phones
    1. The antenna
      1. NFC antenna design constraints
        1. Size
        2. Location
        3. Interference
      2. Types of NFC antenna
    2. The NFC controller
      1. Future developments
        1. Combo controller chips
        2. Baseband controller chips
      2. Supporting multiple secure elements
    3. The main processor
      1. The NFC protocol stack
      2. The mobile wallet
    4. NFC phone security
      1. HCI and SWP
        1. The Single Wire Protocol
        2. The Host Controller Interface
      2. The JSR 177 Security and Trust Services API (Satsa)
    5. NFC phone certification
      1. The NFC Forum device certification programme
      2. Vertical market certification
      3. Local market certification
    6. Adding NFC to existing phones
      1. MicroSD card solutions
      2. NFC cases and sleeves
      3. SIM+antenna solutions
      4. All-in-one NFC SIMs
      5. Bluetooth and WiFi peripherals
      6. Contactless stickers
    7. Other NFC devices
  5. Delivering NFC services
    1. Pre-launch requirements
      1. NFC platforms
        1. Secure element issuer platforms
        2. Service provider platforms
        3. Connecting the dots
      2. App approval
    2. Enabling customers to request the NFC service
      1. Via a smart poster or tag
      2. At the point of service
      3. Via consumer request to a contact centre or website
      4. In response to marketing and advertising campaigns
      5. Via direct distribution of an NFC add-on
      6. Via an app store
      7. Via the mobile wallet
      8. Viral distribution
    3. NFC app delivery
      1. Checking phone and contract compatibility
      2. Loading the NFC app onto the customer’s device
        1. Fully and partly pre-loaded NFC applications
        2. Loading NFC applications over-the-air
    4. Maintaining and upgrading an NFC service
      1. Managing customer service enquiries
      2. Lost/stolen phone blocking
      3. Change of SIM
      4. Change of phone
      5. Cancellation of mobile network service
  6. Index

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