Need to get up to speed with NFC as quickly as possible?

SJB Research offers a range of consultancy services for companies and government organisations looking to get up to speed as quickly as possible with the potential of near field communication technology.

Whether you’re planning for nationwide adoption of NFC technology or you’d just like to bring a group of key executives up to speed on the market quickly, we can help.

“As the editor of NFC World, I am in constant contact with those at the leading edge of NFC thinking. I use that knowledge to make NFC World the best possible source for the latest developments in the field around the world — and to provide our research and consulting clients with unique insights into the NFC market that they simply can’t get anywhere else.”

Sarah Clark, Founder, SJB Research

And, because we live and breathe NFC, our services come with a slightly different perspective than what you’ll hear from the big management consultancies.

Our consultancy clients are able to benefit from both our in-depth knowledge of this complex technology and our worldwide contacts to quickly gain an understanding of the very latest thinking on NFC business models and the technical options available, including:

  • Understand the ways in which NFC can be used to benefit your business
  • Find potential partners, technical experts and contacts with experience in your field, wherever they are in the world
  • Produce a shortlist of potential suppliers
  • Perform a competitor analysis and get guidance on how best to position your new product or service
  • Learn about the strategies being adopted by other organisations around the world and benchmark your plans against the best in the field

Our consultancy services are led by Sarah Clark, editor of NFC World and author of our research reports, and are completely flexible and tailored to meet your needs. The best way to make a start, though, is to:

Book a one-hour telephone briefing with Sarah Clark for £195 (approx US$290/€267).


Order an NFC QuickStart Pack, providing you with all our NFC research reports and six hours of consulting time with Sarah Clark that you can take all at one time or split into one hour blocks over several days or weeks, for £2,595 (approx US$3,861/€3,547).


Contact us to discuss your requirements and to find out more about how we can help.