Mobile Wallet Outlook, January/February 2013

Mobile Wallet Outlook, Jan/Feb 2013In this 20-page edition of The Mobile Wallet Report we examine:

  • Facebook enters the payments market: Next step, a mobile wallet? The social networking giant has made its first move towards becoming a participant in the mobile wallet market with the launch of the Facebook Card, an innovative gift card solution that enables consumers to access multiple gift cards from one card and manage their balances from a single mobile app — and makes use of a unique viral distribution model. See page 2.
  • NFC finds a place in the home. While the size of the role NFC will play in payments remains unclear, consumer electronics manufacturers are building the technology into a wide range of devices for the home. This year’s CES show, not normally a location for NFC-related announcements, saw a slew of new product launches including new NFC phones and everything from NFC-enabled TVs to cookers, cameras, speakers and more. See page 9.
  • Key moves from around the mobile wallet world. This month we’ve added a wrap of the latest technical and business developments from Japan to China, the US, the UK, Poland and beyond. See page 13.

Organisations mentioned include AT&T, Alibaba, Alipay, Allure Energy, Amazon, Analysys International, Apple, Asus, Auchan, Bed Bath & Beyond, Belkin, Bicqlo, Biedronka, Big Echo, Bling Nation, Braintree, Circle K, Cirque, Continental, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Dillard’s, Discover Financial Services, Disney, Dunkin’ Brands, FIS, Facebook, Fandango, First Data, Forrester, Gartner, GoBank, Google, Green Dot, Groupon, Hobby Lobby, ICM UK, iLuv, Incipio, Isis, JC Penney, Jamba Juice, Juniper Research, LG, Lemon, Lenovo, Link, M-Pesa, MCX, MasterCard, Merchant Warehouse, mFoundry, NFC Forum, Olive Garden, Panasonic, Pantech, Payments Council, Poplar Group, Pronto, QuikTrip, Rakuten Edy, Ribbet Capital, Safaricom, Samsung, Sephora, Sequent, Sony, Sprint, Starbucks, Sutton Bank, Tagstand, Target, Temomin, Texas Instruments, Tokyu Hotels, Tylt, Verizon, Walmart and Wawa.

Mobile Wallet Outlook, December 2012

Mobile Wallet Outlook December 2012In this 16-page edition of The Mobile Wallet Report we examine:

  • Biometrics make a comeback at the point of sale. Fingerprint verification and other biometrics are now seeing a resurgence, led by newer approaches that enable consumers to have more control over the storage of their biometric template and expectations that Apple will employ fingerprint ID in a future iPhone. Can biometrics provide consumers with the level of trust in mobile wallets needed to gain widespread acceptance? See page 2.
  • Marketers flock to Passbook as Apple’s ease of integration and location-based alerts prove irresistible. The ease of integration, low cost of entry, wide distribution, geolocation capabilities and ability to innovate on top of Apple’s Passbook APIs are enabling the proto mobile wallet app to gain unprecedented traction. We take a look at how marketers are building innovative services with Passbook and at the lessons other mobile wallet providers can learn from its success. See page 8.
  • Lack of reasons to switch overtake consumers’ mobile payment security concerns. Surveys conducted in the US and the UK have found that, while worries over the security of mobile payments remain a concern, the perceived lack of any real benefit to using a mobile phone to make a payment is now the biggest barrier to adoption. See page 14.

Organisations mentioned include Air Canada, Albron, Apple, American Airlines, American Express, ANA, Auchan, Authentec, Axis Bank, Banque Accord, Best Buy, BillGuard, BNP Paribas, Cathay Pacific,, Crédit Agricole, Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, Discover Financial Services, eDigitalResearch, Equens, Goode Intelligence, Google, Groupement des Cartes Bancaires, Hallmark, Harris Interactive, HDFC Bank, Heathrow Airport, Home Depot, ICICI Bank, IMS Research, Indian Overseas Bank, Ingenico, Jurong Point, Klout, Leroy Merlin, Lufthansa, Malaysian Airlines, McDonald’s, MCX, Natural Security, Nordstrom, Office Depot, Pay by Touch, PayPal, Qantas, Re/Max, Sears, Singapore Airlines, Sixt, Square, Starbucks, State Bank of India, Turkish Airlines, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), United Airlines, Valpak, Virgin Australia, Visa, Vizibility, Wincor Nixdorf and World Duty Free.

Mobile Wallet Market Briefing: PayPal

Mobile Wallet Market Briefing: PayPalThis 42-page report examines PayPal’s plans for expansion in the international in-store payments market in 2013 and analyses the strengths of the online payments giant’s technical armoury, its vision for a digital wallet in the cloud, its ability to scale at speed and the likelihood of it gaining widespread consumer and merchant acceptance — as well as the possible reasons why the company is so negative about the prospects for NFC.

Organisations mentioned include Abercrombie & Fitch, Accumulate, Advance Auto Parts, Aéropostale, Airtag, American Eagle Outfitters, Android, Apple, Aurora Fashions, Barnes & Noble, Bill Me Later, Blackhawk Network, Bling Nation, Bump,, Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group, Coast, Coinstar, Comcast, Crayons, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Discover Financial Services, eBay, Endorse, Equinox, Erply, FigCard, Foot Locker, Glue, Google, Guitar Center, Guzman y Gomez, Home Depot, InComm, Ingenico, Island Pacific, Jamba Juice, Javelin Research, JC Penney, Jos. A Bank Clothiers, Karen Millen, Kounta, La Caixa, Leapset, Lemon, LevelUp, MasterCard, McDonald’s, Micros, Microsoft, Milo, MoneyGram, mStore, Nine West, Oasis, Office Depot, Parkmobile, PayPal Media Network, RedLaser, Rooms To Go, San Jose Mercury News, Services Mobiles, Sherpa, ShopKeep, Softbank, Sonoma Bakery, Square, Tabbedout, The Wall Street Journal, Thomas Pink, Tiger Direct, TiVo, Toys”R”Us, Turkcell, Uber, US Bancorp, Vend, VeriFone, Visa, Vivo, Warehouse, Where and Zong.

This briefing is also available as a standalone report.

Mobile Wallet Outlook, November 2012

Mobile Wallet Outlook, November 2012This 18-page edition of The Mobile Wallet Report examines:

  • Retailers get serious about mobile wallets. That widespread merchant acceptance is a core requirement of any successful mobile wallet program is a given. Until now, however, many players have seen merchants as minor participants in the move to mobile payments — there to simply act as a delivery point for other people’s wallet strategies. That’s not, however, what merchants increasingly think their role is and US retailers are taking the lead in making it clear that, when it comes to mobile wallets, they have strategies of their own and the resources to make them a reality. See page 2.
  • The bank account of the future. The move to mobile is creating an opportunity for new players to provide new kinds of mobile bank account — in the developed world, just as much as in the developing world. Banks are racing to implement mobile banking services but they are facing increasing competition from companies building low cost, full function alternatives on top of existing prepaid card offerings. How will the move to mobile change the definition of what a bank account is? Are banks doing too little in mobile too late? What are the implications for the wider financial services industry and, in particular, for the long term future of the credit card? See page 7.
  • Mobile network operators “keep calm and carry on with NFC.” While debate continues to rage in the US over which technology is best suited to close the “last inch” of a mobile transaction at the point-of-sale, mobile network operators remain confident that SIM-based NFC is a winning formula and that momentum is now building around the world. Will the US prove to be a blueprint for the rest of the world, or is it set to go its own way? See page 17.

Organisations mentioned include American Bankers Association, American Express, Auriemma Consulting, BBVA, Best Buy, Blackhawk Network, Bluebird, Bretton Woods, British Retail Consortium, CIBC, CVS/pharmacy, Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting, China Mobile, China UnionPay, Deutsche Telekom, Diebold, Discover, Dwolla, FDIC, First Annapolis Consulting, FIS, GSMA, Gap, Google, Isis, MasterCard, mFoundry, Micronotes, Orange, PayPal, Rogers, Royal Bank of Canada, Seamless, Telecom Italia, Telefónica, Tesco, Turkcell, US Bank, uSwitch, Virtual Hold Technology, Visa, Vodafone, Walmart and The World Bank.

Mobile Wallet Outlook, October 2012

Mobile Wallet Outlook, October 2012This 16-page edition of The Mobile Wallet Report examines:

  • Apple sends the NFC industry a wake-up call: NFC industry players are putting a brave face on the news that Apple has chosen to not include the technology in the iPhone 5. But there certainly will be an impact on the overall adoption rate of NFC and Apple Passbook’s location-based marketing capabilities will need to be incorporated into existing mobile wallet platforms quickly if they are to meet market expectations. See page 2.
  • NFC heads to the cloud with a new business model that finally makes sense: The secure element in an NFC phone, with its ability to assure end-to-end security, has been seen as a key adoption driver for NFC. But the complexity of the business models and relationships surrounding ownership of the secure element mean it has also been NFC’s Achilles heel. New cloud-based concepts now being introduced suggest these business model roadblocks may now be about to disappear, to be replaced by a neater and simpler approach that more closely adheres to existing ways of doing business. See page 7.
  • Barriers to adoption: Understanding consumers’ security concerns — survey after survey has found that security worries are the key block to consumer adoption of mobile payments. Now, it’s becoming clear that those concerns drop dramatically according to the size of the transaction involved. See page 10.

Organisations mentioned include American Express, Apple, Associated Press, Bank Machine, Bank of America, Barclaycard, Casino, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, DeviceFidelity, FIS, Forrester Research, Google, HTC, Inside Secure, JD Power, Javelin Strategy & Research, Live Nation, MasterCard, Motorola, NFC Forum, Nokia, Research in Motion, SRG, Samsung, Sephora, SimplyTapp, Sony, Starbucks, Think&Go NFC, Verizon, Wired, Wireless Dynamics and YouGov.