NFC Business Models white paper sets out the key issues involved in introducing mobile wallet services

Monmouth, UK — 18 March 2011: Mobile phones equipped with near field communication (NFC) technology are now starting to appear and companies in many countries are committed to bringing the technology to market.

The new NFC phones enable consumers to replace the contents of their existing wallet or purse with a new ‘mobile wallet’ that can be used to access a wide range of services, from payments to discount coupons, access control to transport ticketing and beyond.

“NFC is attracting interest from mobile networks, mobile phone makers, banks, retailers, transport operators, advertisers and a wide range of other businesses and government organisations,” says Sarah Clark, author of a new white paper published this week by SJB Research.

“Understanding of the business models that will succeed is still in its infancy, however, and there is much confusion over what is actually involved in delivering NFC services to consumers, who needs to be involved in planning the infrastructure required and the kind of company that is best positioned to succeed.

“Our NFC Business Models research report sets out the latest thinking from around the world on what successful NFC services will look like, the building blocks that will need to be put in place in order to drive adoption of NFC services, the roles and responsibilities of each of the numerous players in the value chain and the business strategies that are most likely to succeed,” Sarah explains.

“With this white paper our aim is to provide everyone with a basic grounding in the key issues involved and, we hope, to clear up some of this confusion.”

The NFC Business Models white paper is based on the executive summary and key findings from the full research report. It introduces a number of concepts that are fundamental to understanding how the NFC market will evolve and includes details of ten of the most important findings from the research report.

The white paper can be downloaded free of charge from the SJB Research website at

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